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VENTURA EVO-60 Jet Stream  

Ventura Motorcycle Luggage solutions are proud to announce the arrival of the latest member of the EVO luggage family – the EVO-60 Jet-Stream.

Joining the established EVO-22 Jet-Stream and designed specifically to work with Ventura’s EVO Racks; the EVO-60 Jet-Stream is designed in New Zealand and manufactured using only the finest materials available. With durable and water-resistant fabrics, plus padlock-ready zippers, the EVO-60 is ready to hit the road with you.

Measuring approximately 420mm high (470mm expanded) x 450mm wide x 430mm deep, the EVO-60 Jet-Stream is the latest addition to the EVO series of the Ventura Bike-Pack system. This stylish 60-litre pack, is the ultimate touring pack. It has all the capacity to fulfil your needs, whether you are heading away for a couple of days or taking on a major expedition, the EVO-60 is ready to perform the task.

With its semi-solid base, the EVO-60 provides a sturdy packing solution and can easily store a full-size helmet or all the essentials for a weekend away on the road. Its bright red internal lining will help you say goodbye to losing small items inside the darkness of your bag.

The pack slips easily onto Ventura’s highly adaptable EVO-rack system, which offers a variety of mounting options for the EVO-60, while the pack is securely fastened with two fast release buckles.

The design of the system allows you to move the rack forwards and backwards by up to 50mm to suit your needs, or alternatively, the EVO-rack can be rotated 180-degrees moving the pack forward by 500mm. It all depends on how you want to have your EVO-60 Jet-Stream positioned. To accommodate a pillion passenger, for example, you would position the pack to the rear to allow them the maximum amount of space.

Featuring three external pockets and 60-litres of internal storage, the Ventura EVO-60 Jet-Stream offers an incredibly versatile solution to your motorcycle luggage needs.


Retail Pricing:

EVO-60 Jet Stream Touring Kit   $579.00 RRP

EVO-60 Pack Only                            $279.00 RRP