Motorcycle accessories product range

So, you want to know what goodies we supply?
Know this first, we do not stock high fashion, low quality, cheaply made gear - Kenma stock only high quality, performance products that we are proud to represent and back up 100%.
Our product range covers virtually all motorcycles of recent years. The team at Kenma are very proud to offer the following range of goods - we know they are good because we not only sell them, we use them. Click on one of our brands below for more information on them and their products that we stock.

Our Brands


World renowned motorcycle products including rack mount luggage systems, tank, seat and throw over pannier bags, bike stands, handlebars and headlight protectors. Unparalleled quality from New Zealand.

Gryyp Line

Leaders in emergency accessories. Manufacturers of the innovative "Cargol" puncture repair system and traditional road side puncture repair equipment including, Rope plug repair kits, Tyre pressure and tread depth gauges, 12 volt air compressors, Hand pumps and tools.


Powerhose Plus ADR approved braided brake hose system. Hassle free fitting of high quality stainless steel ADR approved braided brake hoses with perfect alignment! No more wrestling with banjo bolts and twisted brake hoses.


RoadLok design innovative locking systems for serious riders. No more locking your motorcycle with a padlock and a reminder cord.....that's for beginners. When serious riders want to lock their bikes the safest and smartest way possible, they use a RoadLoK.


Premium brake linings from the best known name in brakes. Bend ix's multiple compound system has all of your braking requirements covered.

Oggy Knobs by Promoto

Manufacturers of Oggy Knobbs - the world's best crash sliders, bar none. Most designs are "no cut" and feature the highest quality materials and manufacturing.

NG Brake Discs

NG have been manufacturing brake rotors for Motorcycles, Scooters and ATV's since 1969. The NG brake disc range covers Superbikes, Touring, Dual sport, Motocross, Enduro, Commuter plus ATV and Scooters. Many with several options from solid to floating rotors, wave patterns and oversize kits.

TCI Adventure Touring Accessories

TCI Products, Dual Sport motorcycle accessories, built for the adventure rider that knows the value of keeping the ride moving and arriving in camp with your luggage and accessories, securely in place. TCI Products manufacture high quality, dependable, easy to install custom accessories that keep your bike moving and your luggage attached.


Digital tools for modern motorcyclists. Enhance your workshop capabilities with these fine electronic tools.

Electronic Jet kits

The easy to understand electronic fuel injection control module, NO COMPUTER NEEDED, NO DYNO REQUIRED, Plug N' Play installation, minutes to install, unique load based technology, full range tunability, does not interfere with stock ECU operation, simple push button adjustment.


The smartest, best value battery charger out there. A true three-stage trickle charging system for all of your vehicles.


Manufacturers of Scorpio alarm systems - smart, sleek and safe high-tech security for your bike. Full two-way high-frequency RF alarm system featuring many innovative ideas and excellent design and performance.


Leather and fabric treatments that actually work, including the famous Sno-Seal beeswax waterproofing compound.

Replacement fork stanchions by TLT

TLTís telescopic fork stanchions are manufactured with military precision. TLT'S range of telescopic fork tubes covers most of the most popular motorbikes. Materials used in the production are of the highest quality and the production process meets the strictest standards.

At Kenma, we put our customers first. So if you are after a team of people who are enthusiastic about your order and will look after you, speak to us. If you have a great product and are looking to market, contact us and have a chat, we may be able to help you.