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Scorpio Motorcycle Alarm SR-i900

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The SR-i900 motorcycle alarm is the next step up in motorcycle security by incorporating the convenience of hands free operation with an ultra-compact 2 way reporting FM paging security system designed specifically for motorcycles. By incorporating RFID technology the system is able to sense when the remote is close to the bike and when its not, allowing the user to never have to reach for the remote to protect the bike. Utilizing High Frequency FM technology, the SR-i900 transceiver is capable of sending and receiving commands from nearly 1 kilometre away from the motorcycle.

For its sensing mechanism, the SR-i900 utilizes a built in adjustable accelerometer that detects both impact and changes of angles with a high degree of accuracy along with the adjustable perimeter sensor and ignition protection, Scorpio is effective against any attack on your bike. The SR-i900 control module also offers a built in programmable multi tone siren and to ensure durability the module is manufactured to meet OEM specs.

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For simple installation the SR-i900 offers optional factory style connector kits that simply plug into the motorcycles factory wiring harness creating a non-destructive installation. The miniature transceiver incorporates an interactive LCD that instantly confirms all commands and alarm triggers with easy to understand icons and text. The alarm module is easily located on most bikes and both have been designed using the latest technologies to take the punishment of motorcycle use, being built to withstand extremes of vibration, heat and pressure. The transceiver is rechargeable (charger included), so no more mucking about with batteries!

The system includes self diagnostics that correct any malfunctions or errors. It utilizes the finest components from brands such as Analog Devices, Intel, Texas Instruments and National Semiconductor so you can rest assured that your alarm is built to last.

The alarm module has backup batteries built in and will still detect shock, motion and tilting of the bike as well as interference with the bike's battery even if disconnected from vehicle power. The perimeter sensor will also warn people away if they get too close to your bike, without even touching it!

For even further security there is the RID-5 ignition disable/anti hi-jack/immobiliser upgrade that allows you to remotely disable the ignition even if the keys are in the bike and the alarm is off. When the alarm is armed, the RID-5 acts as an engine immobiliser. Note: If your bike already has a factory engine immobiliser, we recommend that you fit the RID-5 to the fuel pump positive wire.



Click for larger image You can buy the SR-i900 as a model-specific kit, which includes a dedicated model specific factory style plug-n-play wiring harness that connects directly to the factory connectors on your bike, or simply purchase the SR-i900 unit only, which includes a generic loom (suitable for any bike not listed with a plug-n-play harness) with full instructions but will require basic mechanical knowledge to install. For factory plug-n-play wiring harness fitment listings please visit the Scorpio website. Remember that the Scorpio alarm unit can be easily reinstalled on your next bike by simply purchasing another "Factory plug-n-play wiring harness".Click for larger image