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Scorpio Motorcycle Alarm and Monitoring Systems

Motorcycle theft is a serious problem that needs a serious solution. Many modern motorcycles have immobilisers built into coded OEM ignition system. The reality however is that stolen motorcycles are usually loaded into a van or truck and your immobiliser is next to useless. Scorpio connects you to you bike via Mobile network or FM radio two way paging in real time. If some scum bag is messing with your steed Scorpio advises you about it while it is happening!

Scorpio motorcycle monitoring systems have all the features typical of average alarms, however the flashing lights and 120dB Siren will only stop the honest thieves. Scorpio security systems are designed to report the status of your motorbike to you in real time, inside or outside up to 900m away. This means you are paged immediately if any of the alarm sensors are triggered, Scorpio even advises the type of attack via the affected sensor. Once paged you will be able to take the appropriate action to protect your bike and yourself. If that means calling the cops while running into the street in your undies with a baseball bat so be it. You know the neighbors won't, they will just complain about the noise in the street last week, when they see you walking to the bus stop.

Remember Scorpio is always watching, rely on Scorpio to protect your pride and joy.

Aritronix has been at the forefront of motorcycle alarm technology in the US since 1989. They have a reputation for quality and innovation and have pioneered several technological advancements in motorcycle alarm security. To insure durability, Scorpio alarms are manufactured to meet OEM specs and utilizes waterproof connectors and a triple layer circuit board design that contains no mechanical or moving parts. A patented polyurethane encapsulating process ensures that the module is hermetically sealed and is guaranteed to withstand severe vibrations, extreme heat, and high water pressure. Scorpio's quality control standards even require a depth submersion test of 10’.

Scorpio motorcycle alarm models

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Kenma bring in two different models of Scorpio alarms, plus the new LA-9011 GPS tracking device. Hit up the links to all three below for detailed information. We endeavor to ensure they are priced competitively against product purchased from oversea's even if no GST is paid on the import. If you are considering shopping overseas then comparing prices is just the start, have you thought about the value of local after sales support and warranty?