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Below are links to Catalogue Downloads and Product Fitment Listings.
Click on a link to open the selected product fitment chart in a new browser window.

Fitment Listing Links

  • Ventura Bike-pack system: Ventura luggage system model list, includes part numbers and prices.
  • Ventura ATV Bull Bars: ATV Bull Bars fitment list.
  • Ventura Handle Bars: Ventura Handle Bars sizes and prices.
  • Ventura Tough-Rack: Ventura Tough-Rack part numbers and prices.
  • Oggy Knobbs: Complete Oggy Knobb and Axle Armour model list and part numbers.
  • Coocase Full-Kit system: Coocase Top Box Full-Kit model list.
  • SBS motorcycle brake pads: SBS brake pad info, compound options, part numbers and prices.
  • NG Brake discs: Complete model list, factory website part numbers only.
  • DNA Motorcycle Catalogue: Complete model list and product information. 
  • DNA Stage 2 & 3 Airbox modification kits: Applications and Product Information.
  • DNA Pod, Universal and Crankcase Filters: Styles, information and dimensions.
  • Electronic Jet Kits: Scroll down page for complete model list, includes part numbers and prices.
  • MotoSprint Wheels & Sprockets: Scroll down page for models, colour options and part numbers.
  • SCORPIO Motorcycle Alarm: PLUG & PLAY OEM Wiring harness adaptor list.
  • ROADLOKTM Security Systems: Scroll down page for complete model list and part numbers.
  • Catalogue Downloads

  • NG brake Disc catalogue download PDF.

  • SBS brake pads catalogue download PDF.

  • Current Kenma Catalogue.