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Harley-Davidson VariReg

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The Harley-Davidson VariReg (part# EHD001) is a revelation when you fit one to a Harley - it improves overall performance, eliminates all traces of lean "pinging", and allows an increase in fuel through the injectors by up to 17%. It's practically a Stage 1 jet kit all by itself!

With a VariReg, you can even tune your bike to use standard unleaded petrol with only a change of spark plugs. Look at this dyno chart to see an example of what difference a VariReg could make to your bike. A VariReg will improve and further enhancing your tuning options on:



Download the EHD001 installation instructions here.

Download TPS (throttle position sensor) setup instructions here.

Download the EHD001 fault finding guide here.


Please note that pricing is indicative only and applies only to local Australian purchases. Prices are subject to change without notice.