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Ducati VariReg

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The Ducati VariReg (part# EDU001) has an adjustable fuel pressure range of 300kPa (stock) to 540kPa (40kPa above race specifications). It's an essential piece of kit for any serious Ducati racer or higher performance seeker!

When aftermarket performance parts are fitted, these Dukes tend to run lean at high loads because the stock fuel pressure is too low, making the injectors incapable of delivering the required quantity of fuel, especially when they are flat out (at 100% duty cycle). Fitting a VariReg can eliminate this problem by enabling higher fuel flow and therefore richening mixtures. Note: You may need to make some alterations to the fuel mapping when using a VariReg.

The EDU001 VariReg comes factory set at 450kPa. Note: Fuel pressures in excess of 450kPa require the fitment of a Ducati Corse high output fuel pump.

Never increase the fuel pressure beyond 450kPa if you are using the standard road-spec fuel pump



Download the EDU001 installation instructions here.


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